I have been using shino glazes for the last year or so. Master potter, Malcolm Davis, says: “No other glaze varies so much in character depending on how it is applied, dried and fired.”  I apply a thin coating of shino, then use a syringe of liquid wax to create a design on top of the glaze. The black shadows and markings on these pieces are a result of carbon-trapping during the firing and not under my control in any way. Each piece is unique, with colors ranging from apricot to smoky black and rust.    CLICK PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND LARGER VIEW.

Celadon mugs Celedon Rice Bowls Shino Mugs Shino Bowls

Celadon glazed mugs     $22

Celadon glazed rice bowls     $20

Shino glazed mugs   $22

Shino glazed bowls    $30

Shino glazed small cups Shino small vase
Shino glazed vase
Shino glazed small vase

Shino glazed small cups  $15 ea.

  Shino glazed small vase  $35

 Shino glazed tall vase $75

Shino glazed vase, 6" tall   $45

Shino Glazed Serving Bowl Shino glazed tiny bowls Shino glazed casserole Mantra Bowls

Shino glazed serving bowl  $65

 Shino glazed tiny bowls  $12 ea.

 Shino glazed casserole 
$65 and $90

Mantra bowls  $25 ea.

The images on this page represent a small sample of the work for sale in my studio.
Please feel free to contact me by telephone or email to see what is currently available.

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